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Operation Little Switch - April 20May 3, 1953 Formal Sick & Wounded POW Exchange

Operation Big Switch - August 5December 23, 1953 Formal POW Exchange

Operation Glory - JulyDecember 1954 Formal Remains Repatriation Operation

The U.N.C. returned 75,823 POWs (70,183 Koreans, 5,640 Chinese); the Communists repatriated 12,773 U.N.C. POWs (7,862 Koreans, 3,597 Americans, 946 British.)

UN Resolution - June 27th, 1950

The 866 Unknowns - by Irene Mandra

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the Sentinels - About the Sentinels

Presidential Proclamation - September, 19th, 2008

Korean War Atrocities - Senate Report - 14 July, 2008 - As a response to President Bush's intention to delist North Korea, and the continued hue and cry of Human Rights groups about the conditions at Club Fed, we offer this 30 page report. (PDF)

The POW Olympics - "Ignoring the evidence on the theory that telling the same lie often enough will make most people believe it, the communists continually attempted to portray the "People's Republic" as a paradise. Among the lesser known communist propaganda efforts was an attempt to use the POWs in an "Olympics" (November 15-27, 1952) to pretend that these pathetic, vulnerable, defenseless human beings were actually well treated, living and enjoying healthy activities in a communist wonderland." MUST READ!

The Johnnie Johnson/Tiger Survivors Died in Captivity List

Korean War Memorial, Washington, DC