Korea-Cold War POW/MIA Related Links

Official and USG Agencies:

Defense Prisoner of War/Missing Personnel Office
Official Agency of USG Tasked With Accounting For POWs and MIAs From All Wars

Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command (JPAC)
Offical Agency of USG Tasked With Recovery and Excavation

Russian - American Joint Commision On Prisoners of War and Missing in Action
Offical Agency of USG Tasked With Accounting For POWs and MIAs in the Former USSR.
JPAC’s mission is to achieve the fullest possible accounting of all Americans missing as a result of our nation’s previous conflicts. Our highest priority is the return of any living Americans that remain prisoners of war.

Truman Presidential Museum & Library
Chronology, Accounts & Documents

Truman and Eisenhower
Programs, Documents, Photographs, Oral Histories

Dwight D. Eisenhower Foundation
Primary Source: The Korean War - Scroll to Bottom for POW-MIA

Dwight D. Eisenhower Library & Museum

National Personnel Records Center
Military and Civilian Document and Personnel File Repository

The National Security Archive/How To Use FOIA
Reference Guide and FOIA Process

Declassification/Freedom of Information Act
DPMO Guide, Relevant Legislation and Download Area

Korean War 50th Anniversary Commemoration Site
Official Site for the 2000-2003 Commemoration

Korean War Resources - All Lists
Official DPMO Korean War Lists

Cold War Resources - All Lists
Official DPMO Cold War Lists

US Army Corps of Engineers - Korean War Monument History
Spectacular description of the Monument, including description of each statue with
indivudal photos, Mural Wall description, Pool of Remembrance, UN Curb and Honor Roll

Private Resources:

AII POW-MIA Archives
Largest online archive of critical reports, documents, lists, testimony and daily news

Korean War MIA/POW Help Desk
Korea Web Weekly Site Offers News, Links, History and POW-MIA Material

RB-29: Cold War History & Recollections
Excellent Cold War and Korean War Collection of Personal Recollections

Korean War Veterans's National Museum
Museum & Library Dedicated to the Korean War

The Cold War Museum
Museum & Library Dedicated to the Cold War

Cold War Veterans Association
Organization dedicated to the unity, amity, and equality of Cold War Veterans.

Bill Dumas - Eagle Cried
Documentary on Bob Dumas' 50 Year Search for his brother and truth

Moore's Marauders
Veterans & volunteers actively creating history's largest MIA recovery efforts

Minnesota Won't Forget POW/MIA
MWF was created to promote public awareness of the Prisoner-Of-War/Missing-In-Action issues.

Korea, The Forgotten War/
This site features a photo gallery and contains miscellaneous resources.

WWRM (World War II Families for the Return of the Missing) is an advocacy group of volunteers that can assist in the confusing and often frustrating process of locating and repatriating the remains of our missing service personnel from World War II.

Korean War Educator
Comprehensive archive project covering every topic imaginable: POW-MIA, Units, Histories, Campaigns, Materiels, Images, Letters, Personal Experiences, Facts, Figures and more.

Korean and Cold War History Resources
Resource Library Dedicated to the Cold War

Korean War Project
Remembering Korean War Veterans - KMAG - And The DMZ War - 1945 - 2003

Tiger Survivor's Association

Great Guys - Everything For Korean War Vets

National Korean War Veterans Memorial
National Parks Service Site on National Memorial

Cold War International History Project

IFFAMPAC.org:  International Federation of Family Associations of Missing Persons from armed Conflicts.

IFFAMPAC.net:  International Federation of Family Associations of Missing Persons from armed Conflicts.

US Naval Institute Korean War Timetable
Interactive Korean war Timeline

American Veteran Search Newsletter #37

Military and Congressional Resources:

Air Force Link

The Army Homepage

The United States Marine Corps

Navy Public Affairs Library

United States Coast Guard Homepage

Find Your Congressional Representatives

Contacting Congress
Easy Email, Phone, Fax & Snail Mail Directory by State

Senate and House Congressional E-Mail Directory

United States Senate Homepage

House of Representatives Homepage

Vietnam PoW/MIA Sites of Interest:

Tribute to Col. Guy
"Never Forgotten - We Remember"

3's In NamPoWs
"Returned With Honor"

Col. Ted W. GUY
"The Hanoi Hilton & Surrounding Villa's"

Col. Gordon "Swede" Larson
"Col. Larsons Bio - A USA Today Hot Site"

Col. Lou Makowski
"What it was like for a PoW/MIA Family"

USMC Resources:

Marine Bloodstripes
Always Faithful

Leatherneck Magazine of the Marines
Magazine of the Marines

The Marine Corps Community - Top 10 Sites
All Marine... All the Time!

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